One-stop copy-editing

Ever wished that Grammarly was a bit more Human? Or that human copy-editors were a bit more streamlined?

We offer the best of both: professional human copy-editing with an automatic integration into your inbox.

Simply email your document to us in any format, and get an edited version returned within 48h.

Or give us access to your CMS (e.g. WordPress), and we'll clean up any grammar nasties for you in the background. If you don't want to wait, we can even do this post-publication.

From $20/month for 1000 words.

Currently in beta. Contact for any queries or feedback. (Or read our FAQ)

A service



How much does it cost?
To keep costs low, we work on a subscription model. You subscribe month-to-month, and can cancel any time, or save by buying 12 months up front.

$20/month = 1000 words / month
$40/month = 2000 words / month

Get 2 months free on any of our annual plans.

What is copy-editing?
Copy-editing, editing, and proofreading are all terms that are often used interchangeably. Copy-editing includes checking for typos, grammatical errors, inconsistencies, improving sentence structure. While there are definitely grey areas between different kinds of editing, proofreaders generally focus on a word level, copy-editors on a paragraph level, while editors look at the 'bigger picture': overall structure, removing or reordering paragraphs, etc. We can provide different levels of editing on request, but our default service is a copy-edit: corrections and suggestions more in-depth than Grammarly, but focused on making definite improvements that do not require more input from the author.

I have custom requirements. How does that work?
All of our emails are processed by robots and humans, so simply add any additional information in your email when you send the document. We can follow custom style guides, use specific language varieties, or more. If you're unsure about anything feel free to email us at beforehand to discuss the details.

Are your copy-editors qualified?
Our copy-editors are all native language speakers with professional qualifications or certificates in copy-editing. Most of them have years or decades of professional copy-editing experience.

How does payment work?
You can buy credits and pay by credit card. We use Stripe for secure payment processing, and we do not see or store your credit card details. You buy credits up-front and then send us documents that you want edited. We'll keep track of your credit balance and let you know when it runs low.

Thank you

Please email your article to

Make a note of this email address as this is the only time you'll see it.

This address is unique to you, so you can treat it as your personal copy-editor.

You can send a link in the body of the email or attach your file. If your email contains a link to a Google Doc, we will automatically estimate a quote and email you this to you within minutes.

For other formats, you will receive a manual reply as soon as (humanly) possible.